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Sacred Music Commission - Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong

Ex-officio Members
Director : Rev. S A Peter Choi
Chairperson of D.L.C. : Rev. Thomas Law
Chairperson : Rev. S A Peter Choi
Vice-Chairperson : Dr. Allison So

Rev. Stanislaus Loh, SDB
Rev. Bro. William Ng, OFM
Mr. Thomas Choi
Ms. Angela Choy
Ms. Carrie Lo
Mr. Mark Loh
Ms. Rebecca Ng
Ms. Liza Szeto
Mr. Edward Yee
Ms. Mary Yeung

Ms. Teresa Cheung
Ms. Maria Tam

Collection of Liturgical Music
Editor-in-chief : Rev. S A Peter Choi

Formation Course of Sacred Music
Chairperson : Ms. Carrie Lo
Vice-chairperson : Mr. Thomas Choi